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University of Minnesota  - Wrestling
University of Minnesota  - Wrestling mobile



What To Wear
T-shirt, shorts, socks, & wrestling shoes.  Headgear and kneepads are optional.

What To Bring
Wrestling Shoes
Headgear (optional)
Knee pads (optional)
Workout clothes- shorts, t-shirt, underwear, socks etc.  (8 sets)
Casual comfortable clothes for hanging out.  (4 sets)
Jacket or sweatshirt
Running Shoes
*Singlet for Rumble Team Camp Only
Antibacterial soap
Body wash
Water bottle labeled
Healthy light snacks (optional)
Laundry bag     
Alarm clock (cell phone alarms are acceptable)
Spending money for camp store
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Laundry Detergent

Electronics (e.g. Laptops, video game consoles, etc.)

We provide linens (sheets/blanket), pillow, and towels. The campers can exchange for clean ones at the front desk as needed.
Laundry facilities are free to use you will need to bring your own detergent/softener.
Guest WiFi is free

Maroon (grades K-6) campers staying for full-day camps will have access to changing areas during mid-day break.

Gold (grades 7-12) will have access to locker room / showers during mid-day break.

Autograph & Picture session with the University of Minnesota Wrestling Camp Staff will take place at the conclusion of camp on the last day. We will have gear for purchase.

An awesome gift will be awarded to all campers!

COMMUTERS HAVE BREAKFAST BEFORE YOU JOIN US: All campers should eat a sustaining breakfast before they arrive each morning.  We will have a short morning break in which you can have a snack if you would like to bring one from home.

BREAKFAST is provided for overnight campers.

LUNCH is included for ALL campers. At the conclusion of morning session campers will walk with staff to our cafeteria for lunch. Our cafeteria features a variety of meal options daily.  Commuters may bring a lunch from home if you prefer

Bring a labeled full WATER bottle each day. We will have filling stations you may use throughout the day.  NO SPORTS DRINKS!

PARKING for overnight coaches/parents : $24.00 a day for vehicles/team vans with in and out privileges. Located near Dorms.

KEY POLICY: Overnight campers will need to provide a $75.00 refundable key deposit at check in. The deposit can be paid with cash or check. If a camper loses their keys and access cards we will not refund the deposit. We are following Dorm procedures on keys and access cards we are not able to make exceptions. We will make every attempt to collect and remind campers to be responsible with their lanyards.